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David Arquette Slashes Neck During Deathmatch And There's Video

David Arquette got pretty roughed up over the weekend. The Scream actor was involved in a deathmatch on Friday, and it got intense and physical enough that blood was shed and medical attention was required. Suffice to say, Arquette ended up the worse for wear, as he was scuffed up and left greatly hurt and significantly injured. If anyone wants to suggest wrestling is always fake, David Arquette would certainly like to have a word with you.

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The bloody footage, which was later put on Twitter, finds David Arquette in the middle of his match when he gets what appears to be a light tube smashed into the back of his head and his neck. It took the actor down for the count for a bit, but he bounced back up after a short moment's notice. And based on the blood that was gushing from his neck, it wasn't a pretty sight. He then went on to attack the other wrestler and it looked like there was real anger burning inside his eyes. The face made by the other wrestler suggests that he was taken aback by Arquette's injury and fuming fury.

According to TMZ, David Arquette was facing Nick FN Gage in the wrestling match, and it looks like it got pretty extreme during their time inside the ring. The fight took place in The Hi Hat in Los Angeles, and it seems like these two fighters weren't afraid to get fierce, competitive and combative during their wrestling session. Despite literally giving blood (in a good amount too) and (probably) tears, David Arquette ultimately lost his tough match.

While it was a tough defeat for David Arquette, you can't deny that the actor gave it his all and then some. There are many actors who claim that they will bleed for their craft, but few of them show it. Arquette, however, wasn't afraid to show how willing he was to commit to his passions. Even though there was blood gushing out of his neck as the match continued onward this weekend, Arquette continued to fight, providing one hell of a spectacle.

Thankfully, David Arquette appears to be doing fine, according to his social media, and he claims that he only needs a couple of stitches. He provided a sweet and fairly humorous response to his bloody match on his social media, claiming that his injuries resulted in Miss Elizabeth shedding tears.

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As you can imagine, David Arquette doesn't do a whole bunch of death matches, and it sounds like he might hesitate from doing another anytime soon. But he at least gave it his all and provided the audience with quite a sight as he tried to pounce, punch and kick his way into the championship. Alas, it didn't work out for him this time, but Arquette earned a few scars in the meantime and, hopefully, a little bit more credibility too in the process.

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