Gabrielle Union doesn't need your opinion, thank you very much, most especially when it comes to her fashion choices. On Instagram, the film and television actress posted a picture of herself wearing a sleek black outfit matched with tennis shoes. A nice mix of fashionable and comfortable. But that apparently upset one particularly mean-spirited commenter who thought she wasn't dressing "her age." In response, Union had the following to say.

Gabrielle Union Screenshot Instagram

Score one for Gabrielle Union! The cutting Instagram response, which was saved and captured by Comments by Celebs, demonstrates that the Breaking In and Being Mary Jane actress clearly does not have the time of day for such petty comments, but she doesn't mind shutting people down if you give her an unwelcome amount of attitude. Sure enough, if you want to be critical of how Union looks, then you better expect to hear some criticism in response.

Rude and inconsiderate comments are certainly not uncommon on the Internet -- particularly on Instagram and especially directed towards celebrities. It doesn't take a lot for people for people to feel vindicated in saying mean-spirited retorts to high-profile celebrities, just because they know them from either the movies or on television. So it shouldn't be a surprise to learn that hey, maybe they do not like to be judged for what clothes they like to wear.

Clearly, Gabrielle Union would much rather wear what she wants to wear and not have to deal with pesky comments from people who think they can say whatever they like to the celebrity. But if she has to call some people out to get that message across, even if it's laced in heavy sarcasm, then that is exactly what she is going to do. Union might be a busy woman, particularly as the mother of a surrogate child, but she'll take the time to call you out.

Thankfully, Gabrielle Union doesn't feel discouraged in her fashion choices, and she seems empowered to wear whatever she wants to wear -- no matter what the dreaded comment section might say. Union clearly likes it, especially since the 46-year-old star took a photo to prove it and everything, and she wants the world to know that she doesn't give a damn whether you think her outfits are "age appropriate" or not.

According to E! News, Gabrielle Union is actually a fashion designer for the store New York & Company, and the outfit in question was one of her new designs for the brand. The chic black design is part of her "eat/pray/love/travel/chill collection," and it will be available next week.

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