No, Alison Brie And Chrissy Metz Don't Have A Celebrity Feud

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During the Golden Globes last night, there was a lot of commotion. Who will be winning the big awards? What film or TV show will be recognized? What will this celebrity be wearing for the prestigious night? In the midst of all these queries, however, there was another, unexpected question that was asked: Are Chrissy Metz and Alison Brie fighting right now? That was a controversy that arose on the red carpet before the evening's main event.

During the pre-awards show red carpet, there were claims made that Chrissy Metz reportedly called Allison Brie a "bitch" live on the mic during an interview segment. It resulted in a big controversy online, with many commenters on the red carpet and at home wondering if there was a feud in the midst for these two television stars. Thankfully, however, that doesn't appear to be the case -- according to Alison Brie, at least, who said the following:

Nothing but love for Chrissy Metz! Rumors can't keep us down!

The response came from Alison Brie's Instagram Story and it was saved by Entertainment Tonight. It was the GLOW actress' attempt to put the media firestorm out and dispel any rumors of animosity between she and the This is Us star. Hopefully, it's true that there is no reported feud brewing a storm.

To hopefully confirm that the bitter feelings shared between the two were falsely reported, Chrissy Metz responded by saying, "Indeed."

Additionally, before Alison Brie wrote her response to the media situation, Chrissy Metz wrote the following message on Facebook, saying the story was "completely fabricated" and she says that she "would never say" anything negative about Brie or anything else, for that matter. As Chrissy wrote:

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Celebrity disputes are written about all the time, and it's often hard to know where truth and fiction lie. The media is often known to spin up tales, true and otherwise, when it comes to bickering celebrities, and even in this age of social media, it can be hard for people to know what is actually real and what is pure fiction. Based on the responses given by Alison Brie and Chrissy Metz, this celebrity argument is fictional. Hopefully, that's the case here.

While neither Alison Brie nor Chrissy Metz walked away with Golden Globes in their hands, at least they have their friendship renewed. And that's the best award you can receive, right? To hell with trophies! The real gold comes from being close friends and knowing that it's all the real deal.

Alas, there are always going to be celebrity feuds reported upon -- real or not. We'll keep you posted on what's happening in Hollywood in the world of celebrity culture right here at CinemaBlend. Meanwhile, we'll also keep you posted on the latest news in film, television, pop culture and a lot more too.

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