Lionel Richie's Son Allegedly Claimed He Had A Bomb At The Airport

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There was allegedly a bomb scare caused by Lionel Richie's son, Miles Brockman Richie, in a U.K. airport this past weekend. Now the son of the musician is reportedly dealing with local authorities, and the model got in a good bit of trouble due to the distress he is said to have caused.

Here's what we know about the bizarre situation. Per TMZ, Miles Brockman Richie reportedly communicated "false information causing a false hoax" and committed battery in the Heathrow Terminal 5 in London.

It is unclear what exactly happened, but at some point during his travels on Saturday, Miles Brockman Richie reportedly found himself on the extremely bad side of airport authorities. He not only reportedly made the false claim that he was carrying a bomb on his person, but also allegedly punched a security guard located in the terminal.

Sure enough, he found himself taken into custody for the alleged altercation. But after he was detained, Richie reportedly accepted a caution and he was later released and free to go.

According to eyewitnesses on the scene, Miles Brockman Richie found himself unable to board a flight, for reasons unknown to the witnesses. It was at some point after that when Richie became furious. He then reportedly falsely claimed that he was carrying a bomb in his person, and he allegedly said that the bomb would explode unless he was allowed to board the aircraft.

Well, that wasn't well-received, as you would likely expect.

It was around this point when security officers reported on the scene. That's when Miles Brockman Richie went ahead and reportedly punched the security guard, thus causing even more headaches in that terminal that weekend day. It was shortly thereafter that Richie was detained and taken into proper custody for the altercation.

Meanwhile, when it comes to "accepting the caution," 24-year-old Miles Brockman Richie essentially accepts responsibility for the altercation, but he will not need to appear in court or press the matter further. He accepts he did the wrong thing, and it'll now remain on his criminal record as an offense. But it prevents the London authorities and Richie from pressing this matter further, which is ultimately considered a low-level crime.

Miles Brockman Richie hasn't responded publicly to this incident, nor has his father, Lionel Richie. One would ultimately assume that they want to put this matter behind them and hope it goes away sooner-rather-than-later. It's unclear if that's going to happen anytime soon, but we'll keep you posted if either party reaches out and makes a public statement about what happened in London. Though it seems unlikely they will at this point.

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