Alec Baldwin Pleads Guilty To Parking Spot Scuffle

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In November of last year, Alec Baldwin was involved in an altercation where he allegedly struck a pedestrian across the face during a dispute about a parking space in Manhattan. While the actor denied the reported specifics of the incident, the news was quickly spread and it resulted in a media storm for the actor, who is perhaps best known these days for his reoccurring role as President Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live. Now, Baldwin is pleading guilty to the charge, and he was sentenced to a conditional discharge. He'll be expected to attend anger management courses.

On Wednesday, Alec Baldwin appeared in court for charges of attempted assault in the third degree, which was considered a misdemeanor, and harassment in the second degree, which was considered a violation. The actor pleaded guilty to the second degree charge, according to Variety. The technicalities of this celebrity court case settlement were since confirmed by Manhattan's District Attorney, specifically by the Deputy Press Secretary.

This is not the first time Alec Baldwin has found himself in trouble in the eyes of the law -- although it drew a good bit of controversy considering how the actor's career has found a resurgence since his semi-weekly appearances on the weekend variety sketch series can typically draw media interest.

As it was reported last year, Alec Baldwin was taken into custody after he allegedly punched Wojciech Cieszkowski in the face over a dispute regarding a parking space in Greenwich Village. Shortly after the news became public, Baldwin went onto social media to deny the claims being made. In a series of tweets, Baldwin claimed that the story was "egregiously misstated" and that the "assertion" that he punched the gentleman in the face was "false."

In any case, Alec Baldwin is probably taking responsibility for the incident because he doesn't want to dilute this issue any longer, and there's a strong chance that the actor can't completely dispute the evidence that's being presented against him in this particular harassment court case. He's expected to appear in court again on March 27th. It's possible that more details will follow regarding that follow-up court case, but it sounds like it's mostly done.

Most recently, Alec Baldwin appeared on Saturday's episode of Saturday Night Live for the cold opening skit, which involved President Donald Trump participating in a game of Deal or No Deal involving the government shutdown. As far as his work on the big screen, Baldwin will appear in the upcoming new comedy Before You Know It, which is currently slated to make its world premiere at the film festival next week.

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