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Lil Wayne - "Make It Rain" Music Video

Lil Wayne is looking to get a whole lot of money from his ex-lawyer, Ronald Sweeney. At least $20 million, to be more precise. The rapper believes he has been forced to give his lawyer more money than he deserved during their time together. And now, Lil Wayne wants what he believes he is owed.

Here's what we know about Lil Wayne's legal drama at the moment. According to TMZ, the rap musician believes he has been severely ripped off by his former lawyer during their legal correspondence together. From 2005 to 2018, Ronald Sweeney has represented Wayne during different court proceedings, and throughout those legal hang-ups, Sweeney has consistently asked for a lot of cash from his client. He wanted 10 percent for every deal he closed, reportedly, and the industry standard is typically five percent. That's information that Sweeney didn't relay back to Wayne, apparently.

Believing that Lil Wayne has been asked to give his lawyer more money than expected during these court negotiations throughout the years, he wants to get what he believes he is entitled to. And since they worked a long time together, Wayne claims that the numbers add up. With nearly 13 years of legal experience together, Lil Wayne crunched the numbers and claims that he is now owed upwards of $20 million or more from his one-time lawyer.

That's a lot of money to ask for, and there's no guarantee that Lil Wayne will get that much from his lawyer-turned-courtroom adversary. But it's clear that Lil Wayne isn't playing around. He wants his money, and he wants it back to him as soon as the courts will allow -- assuming they're on his side.

There might be more reasons why Lil Wayne is hoping to get a big paycheck from his ex-lawyer. In addition to the 10 percent of the money he would make from his court cases with Lil Wayne, Ronald Sweeney was also reportedly trying to get 10 percent of the profits that came from Young Money, Wayne's label. That information was presented in the court documents. Evidently, Sweeney was hoping to get quite a lot of cash from Wayne. But it sounds like Lil Wayne isn't putting up with it anymore. Removing the lawyer from his life, he is now hoping to get what he believes he should get.

It's still early, and Lil Wayne will be making his legal case in the months to come. So, it won't be known for awhile if he's successful or not in his case. But we'll be sure to keep you posted on the details, particularly if he's successful in his case. It's a lot of money, but Lil Wayne believes it's his money.

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