Paris Jackson Bluntly Denies That She Attempted Suicide

Paris Jackson - Gringo

Over the weekend, there were tabloid reports claiming that Paris Jackson, the daughter of the late Michael Jackson, was rushed to the hospital after a reported suicide attempt. But shortly after the news made waves online, the subject of the story offered her own thoughts on this weekend report, and it included a steady stream of f-bombs. Here's what Paris Jackson wrote on Twitter on Saturday:

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The profanity-filled tweet makes it clear that Paris Jackson denies the allegations of a suicide attempt made by TMZ. Furthermore, she doesn't care for the publication reporting on such a personal scandal, which Jackson claims is a lie.

In addition to this strongly-worded response, Paris Jackson wrote another Twitter dismissal, claiming it was "lies lies lies omg and more lies," when Bethenny Frankel of The Real Housewives fame reposted a similar story in a since-deleted tweet.

As it was reported in the original story, Paris Jackson was rushed to the hospital on Saturday morning and she was placed "on 5150 hold," which is typically known as an involuntarily psychiatric restraint for someone who might be a threat to themselves and/or others. The publication went on to say, according to family sources, that this alleged suicide attempt from Paris Jackson was in direct response to the family fallout with Leaving Neverland, the chilling two-part HBO documentary centered around resurfaced allegations of sexual assault made against Michael Jackson. But Paris Jackson is continuing to deny these claims.

The celebrity's publicity team reports that Paris Jackson's medical visit was related to an "accident that required medical treatment," and they say that Paris Jackson is "doing fine" at the present moment, despite the reports made by media sources.

Additionally, Paris Jackson was recently seen in public with her boyfriend, Gabriel Glenn, and TMZ has doubled down on their claims, reporting in their headline that she was released from the hospital "after attempted suicide." Therefore, it sounds like the in-fight between TMZ and Paris Jackson will continue throughout the week.

The details regarding this story are obviously sensitive and personal in nature, and it sounds like Paris Jackson would rather respect her privacy than deal with this story at this time. However, that didn't stop the celebrity model from writing on social media, claiming that these stories and ongoing allegations made about her are false and "lies" made by "liars." And the actress and daughter of Michael Jackson did it in a very blunt and explicit fashion, to help express the anger and frustration she might currently be feeling throughout St. Patrick's Day weekend.

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