Just days after he was involved in a traffic accident that left one man dead, Robert Todd Harrell has decided to get some professional help. The 3 Doors Down bassist checked into an unidentified rehabilitation facility under his own free will right after he was officially released on bond yesterday, and while his attorney, Ed Ryan, refused to speak at length about the decision, his mere presence in a facility seems like a big step forward.

The tragic accident occurred over the weekend in a suburb of Nashville. Harrell allegedly told police he had been drinking and took some prescription drugs. According to Fox News, his vehicle made contact with a pick-up truck being driven by Paul Shoulders Jr., which caused the other driver to lose control and slide down an embankment. Mr. Shoulders flew out the window and died, and after failing a field sobriety test and talking to officers at length, Harrell was taken to the station and charged with vehicular homicide.

Every year, dozens of celebrities check into rehab to deal with a slew of different issues. Some of them succeed and some of them fail. Given the accident Harrell allegedly caused and its deadly consequences, one would hope he will commit himself and work as hard as he can to kick his demons. No amount of self-medicating will make the consequences go away, but with sobriety, Harrell could once again offer something positive to society, at least eventually.

Pop Blend’s sincerest thoughts go out to the family and friends of the victim.

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