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7 Gifs That Quickly Explain Why The Broncos Tanked Super Bowl XLVIII

Yes, we love talking about the commercials during last night’s Super Bowl game. It’s why we exist here at Cinema Blend. But there was a game, and it was a train wreck. So to honor what might go down as the worst game in my lifetime, we’ve put together this list of moments to help explain what went wrong. In the end we’re certain of one thing: Mannings have trouble throwing the ball in MetLife Stadium.

From Joe Namath and his Amazing Technicolor Pimp Coat to Peyton Manning’s pleading eyes in the fourth quarter, this is a game that few of us will forget for its devastation on televised sports. Now let’s just get to this thing, because we all know how it ends up. The Seattle Seahawks fly from the sea, with their sea talons poised to rend flesh, and decimate the Denver Broncos 43-8 in Super Bowl XLVIII.

How did it all come to pass? Is this karma working against the Mannings? If you examine the evidence, I think you’ll find the truth of what went wrong for the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII. Take a look, and see if you agree with my conclusion.

When Mr. Flamboyant himself shows up to throw coins, he does it on his terms.

Hey guys? When I’m walking around...DON’T SNAP THE BALL.

Then Peyton’s all…

And Lynch just walks out of a pile of dudes with the ball...I’m telling you that hawks from the sea are not natural!

Then Peyton’s all…

And sadness ensues, not to mention Captain Turnover doing his thing again.

Just because they can…

This all makes it clear that Peyton was so flabbergasted by Joe Namath’s coat as to be unable to perform even his most basic of duties. Fur is murder, and it killed Denver’s Super Bowl chances.

Steve West

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.