Almost two years ago, a father uploaded footage of his daughter trying to say the names of different fruits onto the Internet. Just recently, a whole bunch of people got wind of it, and now her adorable attempt to say “banana” is racing around the Internet and leaving smiles in its wake.

If you have seven seconds to spare and feel like being momentarily amused, go ahead and take a watch at the clip below…

This clip is in that nice little window in which children mispronouncing things is endearing and hilarious and not an indication of any larger problems at all. Plus, considering she can pronounce “apple” like she’s in a competition, “banana” should just be looked at as the next logical mountain for her to climb.

I wonder if this girl is aware she’s turned into a minor YouTube star over the last couple days or whether she’s got far more important things on her mind like trying on dresses and playing nice with others while at preschool. For her sake, I hope it’s the latter.

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