There are a lot of less than ideal things about being a baby. Between not being able to feed themselves and having poor reasoning skills, young children are at a severe life disadvantage. That being said, there are a few awesome perks---like being able to snugly fit on top of and ride around on a Roomba.

Recently, the Reberry family decided to place young Aria on the futuristic contraption and give her a nice roller coaster-like experience. Not surprisingly, the little girl, while clearly confused, definitely wasn’t hating it. Take a look at the footage below…

I love how she instinctively throws out the hands to her side for balance. She’s going to be a hell of a gymnast someday if she goes that direction in life. Unfortunately, she does need to work on her spatial perception still. She seems genuinely shocked every time the Roomba runs into the couch or other large objecst. At some point, she’s going to need to learn to forecast ahead.

Not surprisingly, a small percentage of the more than eighty thousand viewers this clip has racked up have felt the need to comment about how dangerous the activity is. Let the record show I approve of this. No serious harm is going to come from something like this, and while it’s important to be prepared, you can’t spend your parenting life wondering what if or you’ll keep your kids from trying everything.

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