Firing a long-term employee tends to cause a lot of hard feelings. It can lead to name calling, accusations over money and apparently, stolen animals. Pop star Alanis Morissette recently found that out the hard way when she gave the big ugly axe to her housekeeper and the pissed off woman allegedly walked off with her dog.

According to TMZ, the cute little pooch in question is a Chihuahua/ pug mix named Circus. Morissette and her husband Mario Treadway found the little guy on the street back in 2011 and when no one claimed him at the shelter, they adopted him. Because of their hectic schedules, however, the housekeeper, Maria Garcia, took care of him quite a bit.

It’s unclear why Garcia was fired, but upon her exit, she allegedly took the dog and shot an email to Morissette’s business manager claiming she wanted the dog as part of a severance package. That, obviously, wasn’t an ideal situation for the singer, and now, the two women are reportedly preparing to go to court to work this mess out. Morissette and Treadway want Garcia to pay them twenty-five thousand dollars for stealing their dog, and they want a judge to issue an order demanding the animal be returned. It’s unclear what the housekeeper’s perspective is in all of this, but it’s entirely possible she will hire a lawyer and expand these legal proceedings into a larger case that involves her firing and other issues she had during her employment period.

At this point, there aren’t nearly enough facts to have an informed opinion about what happened. That being said, taking someone else’s dog, whether you bonded with the little guy or not, probably isn’t the smartest decision in the world, especially when he belongs to famous people who just fired you. We’ll keep you updated on this matter as it moves forward. Until then, you can watch Alanis’ video for “Ironic” below…

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