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Alec Baldwin’s relationship with the New York Police Department has been somewhat prickly over the years thanks to issues he’s had with members of the paparazzi, but a strong case could be made that it hit its lowest point today when Baldwin was arrested for, of all things, biking in the wrong direction and after some testy exchanges, disorderly conduct. He was released from the station pretty quickly and responded by letting the world know his negative feelings on his reactivated Twitter.

According to TMZ, the incident happened this morning. Baldwin was in New York City biking at the intersection of Fifth Avenue and 16th Street when a cop pulled him over for allegedly going in the wrong direction. The cop reportedly asked to see some identification, but because the incredibly famous actor didn’t have any on him, he was handcuffed and hauled off to the station. Obviously, that Baldwin wasn't pleased with that decision and he allegedly made a bit of a fuss. In response, he was hit with a disorderly conduct charge before being released.

None of this sat very well with Alec Baldwin who, as per usual, decided to make his anger public. Here’s a screenshot of what his Twitter looks like right now…

I’m not sure you could find a single person who follows the news closely who doesn’t believe Baldwin is capable of mouthing off to the cops and getting himself in more trouble, but that being said, it seems like a giant waste of time and resources to be handcuffing people for biking the wrong way on Fifth Avenue. More importantly, it seems like a giant waste of time and resources to be hauling in celebrities to verify their identities when everyone already knows who they are. I’m not saying the rules of law shouldn’t apply to people like Alec Baldwin, but sometimes some common sense in order.

We’ll keep you updated on this mess if any more new developments come from it.

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