All My Children Star Kicked Off Plane For Ridiculous Interaction With Flight Attendant

Jennifer Bassey, star of the ABC soap opera, All My Children was a part of quite the raucous on a Delta flight from NYC recently. And the drama escalated so much so, that the actress was kicked off the flight. But, surprisingly it wasn’t the soap opera star bringing the dramatic flair. A Delta flight attendant called Bassey out on not washing her hands, and an argument escalated.

TMZ reports that Jennifer Bassey was tossed from the plane for being a “risk to the flight”, but this wasn’t before a completely ridiculous interaction between Bassey and a Delta flight attendant escalated to such extremes. The All My Children star told TMZ that it all started when she went to use the restroom on her delayed flight, as the plane was still sitting in NYC. When she walked out of the bathroom on the plane, the female flight attendant called Bassey out, asking her “Aren’t you going to flush” and also criticizing her for not washing her hands.

Bassey told the flight attendant that she had planned to use her own hand sanitizer, so the flight attendant followed her, hovering over Bassey’s seat because the actress’ laptop was open. Before takeoff, the attendant apparently bumped Bassey’s hand and told the actress to never touch her, to which Bassey replied by mouthing a good old, “Go fuck yourself”. That’s apparently where the flight attendant lost it (as if she hadn’t already). And the flight attendants got into a quick huddle, which followed by the plane being turned back to the gate and two police officers coming aboard. The officers, who apparently were called for an assault, did not arrest Bassey, but did remove her from the plane.

This of course did not fly well with Bassey (pun intended) who now hopes to get the attendant fired, while Delta is looking into the incident. The 72-year-old actress told E! News that the entire event was “undignified, embarrassing, and beyond stressful". Delta is apparently holding to their claim that Bassey was a “risk to the carrier” and assaulted a flight attendant. Bassey completely denies it though, stating, “It was all unfortunate, but I am a senior citizen who is petite and tiny. How could I assault someone?”

It does seem entirely ridiculous to accuse the actress of assault, but as celebrities go, it wouldn’t be surprising that some sort of verbal altercation pushed the flight attendant up to her limit, at which she did what she could to get Bassey off the flight. Who knows, but it sounds like Jennifer Bassey never left the set of her soap opera.