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Andrew Bynum was traded to the Philadelphia 76ers earlier this year, but during his time in Los Angeles, he amused, confused and sometimes angered team executives and reporters with his odd behavior. He chucked up ill-advised three pointers, reportedly no-showed some team meetings and even sometimes blared rap music in the locker room, despite the fact that it was against team policy. If a new lawsuit is to be believed, he didn’t exactly have the best relationship with his neighbors either.

According to TMZ, Bynum and the people who used to live next door, the Becketts, have filed dueling lawsuits claiming the other was a terror to live next to. In the legal action, the former NBA All-Star accuses the married couple of objecting to his “profession, his race, his friends, his cars and his taste in music.” He alleges they screamed at him about his music, threw coins at his cars and even banged a stick against his house. In their legal paperwork, the Becketts accuse Bynum of pulling guns out during arguments, blasting loud and profane music, turning the volume on his video games up so high it shook their windows, letting his dogs freely roam through the neighborhood, driving at dangerous speeds and smoking weed.

The Becketts have since moved out of the residential community in Westchester, California. It’s unclear when these two cases might move forward, but honestly, it seems like everyone should just move the hell on. Bynum was clearly a horrible neighbor. People wouldn’t be screaming at him about his music if he wasn’t blaring it too loud, and considering he was pulled over three times last December, I’m pretty confident he did drive through the neighborhood recklessly. That being said, the Becketts probably did throw coins at his car, handle things inappropriately and jump on the star over the littlest issues.

So, what’s the point of wasting money on attorneys now? Both parties should call off these lawsuits and stop wasting their time.