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Nipples have minds of their own. They can’t always be trusted to remain inside tops, and they can’t always be trusted not to pick the worst possible time to expose themselves. They’re often mischievous in that way. That’s why all pictures, whether they be Christmas Cards, Facebook photos or Twitpics, must be analyzed closely before being sent out. That’s a lesson Elaine learned on Seinfeld, and that’s a lesson AnneLynne McCord is learning now.

The actress wanted to surprise one of her followers with a special picture of her showcasing a necklace. Unfortunately, the topless shot extended a little too far and exposed McCord’s left nipple. She quickly rectified the situation and recropped the photo, but not before thousands of curious onlookers got a sneak peak at more than she intended. If you want to see the uncensored version, head over to Egotastic. If you want to see the recropped version, I’ve included it below…

It seems to me that if a woman is tweeting a topless picture, she’d probably think to check it before publishing. It’s one thing when a seemingly innocuous dress, helped by a gust of wind, folds in a strange direction, but photographs that are meant to be sexual are another thing entirely. Seeing as how McCord reworked the picture to remove the nipple, one would assume this was all a genuine mistake, but you never can know with actresses who are excited about attention. Still, I’m not sure anyone’s complaining about the eyeful they got. I’m certainly not.

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