Ariana Grande Develops Vocal Issues After Landing First #1 Album

In the case of some of the worst timing ever, singer Ariana Grande was recently forced to go on vocal rest. The 20-year-old just saw the debut of her freshman album, Yours Truly, drop this week. Following this, she became the first female debut since Ke$ha’s Animal to land the #1 slot on the Billboard 200 album charts. Shortly after the album dropped, the singer was told by her doctor’s she needed to go on vocal rest, and we have the details, below.

Grande recently was having some vocal troubles, so she headed to her doctor, who told her she has a hemorrhaged vocal chord. It’s a problem that is serious enough that the singer had to take several days off from speaking and cancelled a few upcoming gigs. E! first reported the news, noting that the singer is not cancelling all appearances. Grande actually popped up at the radio station KIIS FM on Tuesday and used a computer to do the talking since she is on voice rest.

The “Baby I” singer seems to be taking her vocal rest pretty seriously and is even taking some time off to rest and relax. Grande went into detail about the hemorrhage via Twitter over the last several days.

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As for how the vocal cord problems happened, it may have been more of an accident than a case of overuse. Unlike performers like John Mayer, Grande’s vocal chord issue may not be a persistent one; rather, it seems to be more of a case of a party gone wrong. At least, that’s what the singer herself is reporting.

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The singer seems to be in high spirits and doing well. It’s a good thing, too, as an artist needs to capitalize on his or her #1 debut as quickly as possible. Most artists can’t hold on to that top slot in the album charts for more than one week, and the more promotional opportunities they can work in, the better. Hopefully, this vocal thing was just a blip rather than a problem that will cause more issues later on.

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