Artist Jorge Selaron Found Dead Atop The Famous Staircase He Created In Rio

Beloved Chilean artist Jorge Selaron, best known for the vibrant, colorful steps he created in Rio’s Lapa neighborhood was found dead atop those stairs today. Starting in 1990, the painter began using tiles to decorate the dirty steps near his home. Fifteen years later, the elaborately adorned passageway was a popular tourist attraction, a symbol of Rio’s flashy vibrancy and an officially recognized landmark.

You can take a look at his beautiful staircase below…

Details are still extremely fuzzy about what exactly happened to the artist, but police have refused to rule out murder. Considering Selaron reportedly spent much of his time talking to people in the neighborhood and watching children play games from his porch next to the steps, it’s entirely possible he wound up in a confrontation with an unidentified person. Authorities have already launched an investigation into the matter, and at this point, they’re playing their cards very close to the vest.

Regardless of what actually happened, the details won’t charge the incredible sense of loss those in the Rio community are feeling right now. Despite being born in Chile, Selaron was a beloved resident who appreciated and contributed to the culture of the city. In the past few hours, his stairs have turned into an impromptu memorial, which seems fitting for a man who dedicated his life to making that neighborhood a little more colorful.

Pop Blend’s sincerest thoughts go out to Selaron’s friends and family, as well as everyone else who was touched by his life.

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