Have you ever watched someone write quickly and neatly with his or her off-hand? It’s weird, right? Well, apparently, it gets far weirder. Chinese citizen Chen Siyuan not only writes like a champion with both her left and right hands, she can actually do so simultaneously on different sheets of paper.

For awhile, her skill was utilized as nothing more than a bizarre party trick, but now, she works as an English and Chinese translator in her home province of Hebei. You can take a look at a video of her impressive multi-tasking feats below…

I don’t know if it’s cooler that she can write in two different languages at once or that she does it with such neat penmanship. Without a doubt, this chick has significantly better handwriting than I do, even when taxing her brain and focus by scribing with both hands.

I’m not saying I’d rather live in China than the United States, but this video is good evidence of the serious advantage they have in terms of sheer number of people. If there’s a woman in a province who can write with both hands, what’s to say there’s not a dude with Unbreakable-like super strength in some fishing village waiting to be discovered?

Regardless, a serious hat tip goes out to Siyuan for teaching herself how to do this. Color me beyond impressed.

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