Awesome New Internet Explorer Commercial Gets Nostalgic About The 90s

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer may have dominated the market in the 1990s, but over the years, an overwhelming majority of users have moved on to newer browsers. In fact, I’m not sure I know a single person who knows anything about computers that uses Internet Explorer by choice, but if the makers are to be believed, the product has quietly gotten a whole lot better while our heads have been turned.

To demonstrate how much Internet Explorer has grown up, Microsoft rolled out a new commercial this week entitled “Child Of The 90s” that waxes nostalgic about how we’ve all grown up before asking users to see that the browser has too. It’s a pretty brilliant marketing ploy, and the commercial in question has already amassed almost five hundred thousand views. Take a look at the greatness below…

I have no idea whether Internet Explorer has actually improved or not, but this commercial actually makes me want to find out. It basically admits it has gone through some rough times over the years and been abandoned by most everyone, which makes me think there might actually be something to the new rollout. If Microsoft wasn’t really confident in this product, they probably wouldn’t use it as the opportunity to ask everyone back into the fold.

Regardless, this commercial is awesome, and my hat is tipped to whoever created it.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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