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Ordinarily, when a band is on tour, the biggest worry is whether or not enough tickets will be sold and whether or not the customers will leave happy, but in the case of Guns N Roses, it now seems the guys have to worry about a police investigation. The rockers were in France earlier this week playing at Bercy stadium when a small post-concert gathering quickly turned into a whodunit.

Lead singer Axl Rose, known for wearing expensive necklaces, found three of his favorites missing from his things. Combined, the absent bling is worth an estimated two hundred thousand dollars, and now, it has vanished into the wind. According to The Associated Press, Paris police have launched an investigation in an attempt to figure out what happened, but as of press time, officers haven’t spoken publicly about any possible clues or suspects. If the theft actually occurred during the intimate gathering, it shouldn’t be too hard to pick out the culprit, but if it occurred during the actual show and was only detected hours later, the mystery man with the sneaky hands could be long gone.

Luckily for Guns N Roses, the guys are scheduled to head off to Germany but will return quickly thereafter for more shows in France. That proximity should make it easy for Axl and company to stay abreast of the police investigation as it takes its logical course. Here’s to hoping the singer has good insurance, or the police force is on top of its game.

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