More than thirty years ago, the Daily Mirror purchased a photograph of Lady Diana Spencer two days after she agreed to a marriage proposal from Prince Charles. At the time, the photograph was a year or two old and showed the future Princess lying on a bed with a big smile on her face while an unknown male read beside her. Assumedly, it was going to run in the paper at some point over the next few days, but for whatever reason, the editor changed his mind at the last minute and wrote “Not To Be Published” on the photograph.

Earlier this week, it finally reemerged and will be sold at auction. You can take a look at the image in question below…

By today’s standards, there’s nothing in the least bit offensive about the photograph. Diana has on all of her clothes, the other dude is reading, and there’s not anything sexual about it in the slightest. In 1981, however, someone or multiple someones decided the above shot wasn’t appropriate. My guess is the unknown party or parties thought it would lead to people asking questions about Diana’s past relationships and thus, present her in a less than matronly light. That thinking was foolish given how adorable Diana looks, but regardless, it still sets up quite a mystery. Who was the person who wanted it hidden? Was it someone from the royal family itself trying to protect the future Princess’ image by pressuring the paper, or was it someone from the Daily Mirror who had an attack of conscience? Let us know your best guess by voting in the poll below…

Who Wanted To Keep The Picture Hidden?

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