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Singer Natina Reed, best known for her work with girl group Blaque, passed away last night after she was struck by a car. Details are still very fuzzy on the circumstances surrounding the singer’s death, but we do know the incident occurred in Atlanta at around 10:30 PM and may have been a hit and run.

Several outlets, including MTV are saying the driver took off after the deadly collision. TMZ, however, is reporting the driver actually called police to talk about the incident and vehemently denied doing anything wrong. A formal investigation has already been launched to figure out what happened, and assumedly, whether it was a hit and run or not will be answered within a matter of days, if not hours.

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding Reed’s death, her passing is a real tragedy. The thirty-two-year-old was a beloved musician and more importantly, a beloved mother. She and rapper Kurupt share a ten-year-old son named Tren Brown, and by all accounts, she was a doting, present and caring mom.

Pop Blend’s sincerest thoughts go out to Reed’s friends and family members. No one was prepared for what happened, but moving forward, hopefully her warmth and talent can serve as an inspiration to those she knew best.

We’ll keep you updated as more facts come out about this upsetting loss.

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