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Earlier today, Bobby Brown turned himself in to begin serving his fifty-five day jail sentence for pleading no contest to driving under the influence. At the time of the conviction, prosecutors thought some jail time might be good for the musician with a history of substance abuse, but thanks to prison overcrowding, the sentence might turn into a little more of a slap on the wrist than the DA’s office expected.

According to The Los Angeles Times, if Brown behaves himself while inside county jail and completes all of his tasks, he will be set free in just nine days. That’s not even one-sixth of what he was given, but with so many damn people jammed into cells in California, this type of thing is apparently very common.

Whether Brown serves nine days or fifty-five days, the most important thing is that he finally wakes up and starts living his life a different way. There’s no reason why anyone should be arrested for driving under the influence on multiple occasions. This most recent incident was actually Brown’s third.

Here’s to hoping Brown uses his ex-wife as a cautionary tale, rather than a behavior inspiration. He’s got too many kids to take care of and too many smiles to give to music fans to waste more of his life drinking and/ or getting high.