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The California prison system is overcrowded. That’s not an opinion. That’s a fact everyone, from judges to lawyers to wardens, has been shouting for years. In fact, because of the overcrowding, prosecutors announced earlier this week that Bobby Brown would likely only serve nine out of the fifty-five days he was assigned behind bars for driving under the influence. Hilariously, it turns out that reduced sentence estimation was a wild overshot because Brown only wound up sitting behind bars for nine hours.

According to TMZ, the New Edition singer officially checked into jail just before 10 AM on Wednesday, and he was released back into the world just before 7 PM on Wednesday. That’s 1/ 24th of the reduced sentence prosecutors expected him to serve. For the next week, he’ll continue to wear an ankle bracelet and must remain at his house, but really, in the grand scheme of punishments, that’s a hell of a lot better than jail.

Whether Brown served nine hours or nine years, the most important part of the equation is whether or not he learns from his mistakes. He’s been caught drinking and driving too many times to simply laugh the offenses off as stupid mistakes. He clearly needs to alter the way he looks at alcohol and transportation and maybe even the role alcohol plays in his life.

Pop Blend wishes Brown nothing but the best moving forward. Here’s to hoping he spends more of it sober than not.