Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldana have reportedly gone their separate ways. The on-again-off-again pair had been back on since September and were planning to spend the holidays in Paris. Unfortunately, the romance supposedly fizzled over the past few weeks and led the pair to make a clean split before departing on their European getaway alongside his immediate family members.

According to The New York Post, he still headed overseas, while she counted down to the New Year in Miami, Florida with a dinner and then a dance party alongside numerous other famous faces. By all accounts, neither seemed too agitated or distracted during their excursions, which could well mean their break-up was not exactly shocking to either party.

Saldana and Cooper met while they worked on The Words. She was just coming out of an extended engagement, and they bonded very quickly, beginning a relationship before filming even concluded. There’s always the chance this will prove to be just another “off again” period for the two stars, but considering they already had one that lasted four months, it seems like these two would just be better off trying their hands elsewhere.

Neither Coooper nor Saldana has spoken publically about this rumored break-up. Both tend to guard their privacy pretty zealously; so, it’s unlikely there will ever be any grandiose statement outlining the specifics of why this didn’t work. If one does come, however, we’ll let you know what it says.

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