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Brazilian Policewoman Chucks Grenade At Trainees

Look, I'm no athlete, but I think I'm a pretty good throw and understand the basics of a straight line. If my days in little league softball taught me anything, it's how to chuck something in the right direction. If I were throwing, say, a grenade, I think I would do everything to make sure the guys on my side didn't get caught in an explosion and blown to smithereens. Unfortunately for one Brazilian military policewoman, she could not accomplish this simple task.

In this Youtube video, a trainee for the Brazilian military accidentally throws a grenade right toward the crowd of people behind her. To be completely fair, she was blindfolded, but to throw a grenade like a curveball doesn't make a whole lot of sense and doesn't seem to be in the best interest of the military. After she chucks the mini bomb and the group realizes it's headed right for them, everyone scatters.

From the lack of massive explosion or fire, it seems like the grenade was probably just a smoke bomb, but who knows if that was tear gas. I would not want to be caught up in a cloud of that nasty stuff. With the World Cup this year and the Olympics just a couple years away for the South American country, they might have to use these grenades to disperse crowds of rowdy folks. Maybe a little extra training, without the blindfold, might improve their chances of hitting their actual targets.

Even though this one police officer goofed up pretty badly, cops are sometimes really awesome. I'm not saying that there aren't isolated incidents of not so great run-ins with police, but for the most part they're really amazing men and women who are trying to keep the streets safe.

If you're anything like me you have a soft spot for silly pop hits, people in uniform and choreographed dance. Check out this totally non-fail, well accomplished video done by a group of U.S. Marines while they were deployed in Afghanistan. They are lip synching one of my favorite pop jams and a song everyone probably knows by heart by now, “Call Me Maybe,” by Carly Rae Jepsen. You're a liar if you say you didn't sing along and at least attempt to dance. I know I sure did.