Brazilian TV Show Uses An Elevator And A Little Girl To Scare The Hell Out Of People

More often than not, I like to watch and then cover viral videos in English. There’s something about knowing what the hell is going on that really does appeal to me. Some emotions like sheer terror, however, are universal, and some clips are just too brilliant to pass up, whether they’re in Farsi or Portuguese.

The following piece of greatness comes from the Brazilian-based Silvio Santos Program. To scare the holy hell out of unsuspecting members of the general public, the producers procured an elevator, a special lighting system, a trap door and one of the scariest little girls I have ever seen. The results were assembled together in a hysterical highlight clip, and the footage is currently making its way around the Internet. If you are not at work or you’re at work and your boss doesn’t care about laughter, do yourself a favor and watch this immediately…

That has to be in contention for the best horror prank ever, right? It’s just the right length. It includes an awesome build up scare with the elevator stopping and the lights going out, and the little girl screaming is the perfect crescendo. Everyting about it is executed flawlessly.

Here’s to hoping the next prank show to hit the States has even one sketch as watchable as this.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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