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Levi Johnston might be preparing to have a child with his new girlfriend, but if his ex-Bristol is to be believed, he needs to spend some time worrying about his first kid too. The twenty-one-year-old hockey player had a son named Tripp with Sarah Palin’s daughter more than three years ago, but apparently, he hasn’t paid child support since June of 2010. That’s almost two years, and at nearly eighteen hundred dollars a month, Johnston’s tab has reportedly run up to $38,000.

According to TMZ, Palin’s attorney told the outlet her client has continually avoided pushing the matter legally out of hope her ex-fiance would come around and fulfill his “obligation voluntarily”. If the claims are true, obviously a future court order will now put the father in an even worse position, as he will be forced to pay extra each month in addition to providing for the new child on its way.

Child support is not a choice. It is a father’s duty to take care of the kids he has, even when it’s hard and even when there’s bad blood with the mother. Clearly, Palin can clothe, feed and shelter Tripp, but it’s also important his father shows him he wants to help both with his time and money.

Here’s to hoping this situation finds an amiable resolution because if it doesn’t, Tripp will be the one who winds up suffering more than anyone else.