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Fast food might not be the epitome of culinary excellence, but that doesn’t mean people aren’t still brand loyal when they do decide to grab a quick burger. Proving that, some McDonald’s fans recently hijacked Burger King’s official Twitter page and posted a message saying the King had to sell the account to the Golden Arches because of slumping Whopper sales.

You can go ahead and take a look at what the website briefly looked like, courtesy of Anonymous

Most of the initial media reports blamed Anonymous for the hacking because of the above picture and how quickly the group’s Twitter feed alerted users to what was happening, but at no point did the organization actually take credit for what happened. In fact, even though those in charge of the account have widely mocked BK for what happened, they’ve also mocked the various outlets that have jumped to the conclusion that they were responsible.

Regardless of who did the dirty work, Burger King’s Twitter account was eventually suspended and taken down. In recent hours, it has reappeared and assumedly, it will be back to full strength whenever its organizers figure out exactly what happened.

Until then, expect BK executives to have the taste of charbroiled failure in their mouths.