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Academy Award winning actress Catherine Zeta-Jones checked herself into a treatment facility this morning to deal with her bipolar disorder. The movie star has been extremely open in the past about her battle with the disease, and apparently, that frank and honest conversation about her own mental health will continue moving forward.

According to TMZ, those around Zeta-Jones are saying the stint is more one of maintenance than anything else. If true, that would mean the actress hasn’t had any incidents lately and is just trying to make sure she stays on the up and up. As any doctor will tell you, being proactive about medical issues is always a better decision than waiting for something bad to happen and then responding.

Earlier this year, Zeta-Jones gave a well-received performance at the Academy Awards during a pretty spectacular tribute to popular musicals. She also has filmed roles for several upcoming movies and by all accounts, maintains a very healthy relationship with husband Michael Douglas. Much of that steadiness seems due to her approach to her mental illness, and Pop Blend wishes her nothing but the best in her continued quest for stability.

The line between public and private is often difficult to find for celebrities, but Zeta-Jones’ openness about this issue is most definitely a good thing. There are people with mental health struggles who live totally normal lives in every walk of life and on every career path. Many of them have gotten the courage to ask for help, and if you know someone who struggles with mental illness, they can ask for help too.