Cee Lo Green Accused Of Putting Ecstasy Into Date's Drink

The sexual assault investigation involving Cee Lo Green and an unidentified woman may have more to it than first suspected. Rumors are flying that the police had the alleged victim make a recorded pretext call to the Voice judge to see if he would admit doing anything wrong, and while he reportedly didn’t admit he drugged her, sources say he did apologize and make several references to ecstasy.

At least that is what TMZ is claiming. The outlet says the incident in question happened back in July. The two went to a sushi restaurant together, and after ordering a drink, she supposedly blacked out and woke up naked in his bed. Cee Lo has vehemently denied sexually assaulting the mystery woman or anyone else, and authorities are still investigating the matter. Once the LAPD’s efforts are concluded, they’ll present their findings to the district attorney who will then decide whether there’s enough to these accusations to warrant taking Cee Lo to trial.

At this point, nothing on either end should be treated as more than an allegation. The tape in which he allegedly apologizes hasn’t been made public, and there are rumors floating around that the woman may have spoken with her attorneys about possibly filing a lawsuit seeking monetary compensation. Over the next few weeks, this mess will hopefully become a lot clearer. Until then, try to withhold judgment concerning everyone involved.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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