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Earlier this week, the Los Angeles Police Department reportedly opened a sexual assault investigation into an incident related to Cee Lo Green. The specifics of the supposed incident haven’t been made public, but authorities have reportedly interviewed a slew of employees at a restaurant in downtown Los Angeles.

Cee Lo hasn’t commented on any of the specifics related to the investigation, but he did vehemently deny the charges to TMZ. He told the outlet he hasn’t even been to the restaurant in more than three months and has no idea what could have possibly occurred there.

At this point, the investigation is nothing more than a woman’s unverified complaint. It hasn’t been referred to the district attorney and no charges are imminent. Green doesn’t exactly have a reputation as being a man who is aggressive or physical with anyone, let alone women, but it’s important the police investigate any claim of sexual assault, no matter how it looks on the outside.

If no evidence is ever discovered, expect this whole mess to just quietly drift away. If forward progress is made, however, we’ll likely begin getting real details as to what might have happened and real insight into what she thinks the Voice judge did wrong. Until that happens, feel free to watch The Voice without any shred of guilt.