Charlie Brown voice actor Peter Robbins was sentenced to eight months in rehab, five years of probation and a hefty fine inside a San Diego County courtroom this week, but considering the jail time he could have been facing, Peter Robbins should be thanking his lucky stars. Earlier this year, the fifty-six-year-old was arrested for stalking a plastic surgeon after he shelled out more than $10,000 for his now ex-girlfriend to get fake boobs and wasn’t happy with the result. He also allegedly threatened to kill the ex-girlfriend and her son and terrorized the surgeon so frequently she was forced to hire an armed security guard. Altogether, he was facing up to three years in prison, but instead, he’ll get to travel the more compassionate treatment route.

According to E! Online, the judge sentenced Robbins to a year in jail; however, he was given 110 days worth of credit for the time he spent locked up between his arrest and the sentencing, and he was given 110 days of credit for his good behavior. In addition, if the voice actor is able to complete eight months worth of rehab without issue, he will not have to serve the extra 145 days, which seems like an extremely good incentive to get clean and stay clean during the subsequent five years of probation.

Taking a page out of Lucy’s handbook, the judge told Robbins to stop being "a blockhead". Considering the tears the defendant shed and the promise he made to get back to being a fun-loving person, one would imagine he agrees with the advice too.

Here’s to hoping Robbins can get clean and move forward for the benefit of himself, his ex-girlfriend and the plastic surgeon.

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