Over the past few years, Chaz Bono has been very open about his transition to manhood. The forty-two year old first came out as a lesbian more than a decade and a half ago and later decided to begin taking testosterone. Throughout, he remained mostly quiet on the specifics, but through a documentary called Becoming Chaz and his appearance on Dancing With The Stars, he’s begun pulling back the curtain to talk about his feelings.

In a very revealing interview with Rolling Stone, Bono told the outlet he’s currently saving his money to have a metoidioplasty. That’s a procedure in which doctors use the clitoris to fashion a fully workable penis. The other option, a phalloplasty, results in a larger penis, but it’s apparently less functional. Numerous doctors throughout the world perform both procedures, but Chaz is currently looking at a surgeon in Belgrade. If he saves up his money, he should be able to get it done in the not too distant future. Until then, it’s just a matter of hammering down the cost, which could be anywhere from twenty-five thousand dollars to forty-five thousand dollars.

I’m all for people doing whatever they need to find happiness. If it doesn’t harm another human being, then there’s no point in any of us stepping in the way. I hope this final operation proves to be the conduit for Bono to feel like himself.

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