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There are a lot of beautiful and disgusting creatures doing beautiful and disgusting things in the ocean. Some thrive in places so dark and deep they wouldn’t even notice if the sun disappeared, while others are large enough and well-known enough to be mocked in widely-seen YouTube videos. Along with the rain forest, the ocean is one of the few remaining places of mystery on Earth, and this video is great evidence of that.

The footage, which was uploaded to Vimeo by Khaled Sultani, was shot using a Sony Cx550 in the Lembeh Strait. God only knows how many hours it took to capture everything that eventually found its way into the video, but regardless, all that time was worth it. I consider myself pretty well informed when it comes to different species, and I could not tell you even a fraction of the things seen in this wondrous clip. I feel like I should forward it on to Pixar for any future Finding Nemo projects because it’s that visually appealing.

Props to the cameraman for maintaining such a steady hand in such exotic locations, and props to everyone involved for creating something truly wonderful. Here’s to hoping this inspires as many people to study our oceans as possible.