Chelsea Handler Makes Fun Of Serbia; Apparently This Is A Big Deal

Serbia is a tiny country in southeast Europe that most of us couldn’t find on a map without a tour guide. They’re effectively the world’s Wyoming. We poke fun at them because as far as we’re concerned, no one lives there anyway. Chelsea Handler is finding out the “hard way” that Serbs are no laughing matter. After making a disparaging joke about the European country in regards to the god-awful Amy Winehouse concert last week(aren’t those a dime a dozen these days?) a movement has been started to boycott the C-List late-night-starlet.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that a Serbian rights group started a Facebook page in response to Handler’s comments. Apparently they think their relevance exists in a high enough echelon that such a thing makes a lick of difference; isn’t that just adorable? Check out this quote from Filip Filipi, pulled out of THR story:

“The worst comment by Ms. Handler came at the conclusion of the assault on the Serbian people. In implying that somehow Serbs should not use Facebook, Ms. Handler read the statement of Serbian Defense Minister Dragan Sutanovac who said that the the concert was a shame and a disappointment. At this point, Ms. Handler says that "Guess what? So is your country," meaning that Serbia and its people are a shame and disappointment, as well.”

What is actually offensive about Handler’s comments is her defense of Amy Winehouse. Seriously? It’s Amy Winehouse. She’s enemy number one in this story, not the poor bastards foolish enough to buy tickets to her show. Okay, okay, so maybe there are no victims in this story, but what is shown here is the power of Facebook and its’ ability to thrust a small movement into the limelight.