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Christina Aguilera Disrobes For Sexy New Album Cover

Christina Aguilera couldn’t be happier with her new body shape. She’s told everyone willing to listen as much over the past few months. Consequently, it should come as no surprise that she’s decided to disrobe to illustrate that acceptance on the cover of her upcoming album Lotus.

Using her long blond hair to cover her top half and just enough out of focus light to obscure the bottom, the artwork is a pretty striking image, and coupled with the recent exposure she’s gotten on The Voice, it could be enough to help reinvigorate her career that’s not quite as hot as it once was.

You can take a look at the front cover below…

Aguilera has already announced she’ll take a step back from season four of The Voice in order to tour. She’s reportedly planning to return down the line, but her decision will likely be affected by how well this album sells. If Lotus is able to push her back toward superstardom, she may want to continue rolling on that train. If it’s unable to generate as much traction as the starlet had during her peak, a return to The Voice should be a guarantee.

Regardless of where her career ends up taking her, this album cover will be fondly cherished by a lot of male fans for years to come.

Mack Rawden
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