Coco Austin To Play The Lead Role In Peepshow After Holly Madison Leaves

Holly Madison’s recent pregnancy reveal might have been exciting news for the Peepshow star, but it forced the producers of her Vegas hit to do a bit of scrambling. The former Girl Next Door had been signed on to play Bo Peep through December, but with the baby on board, all involved mutually agreed to end her run on October 21. That left a beautiful and busty hole to be filled, but luckily, the powers that be have already found their newest title lady.

Reality star Coco Austin, best known as a former Playboy model and Ice-T’s wife, will take over the reigns starting on December 3rd. Like her predecessor, she will go full topless and ideally, will attract as many curious Vegas tourists as her predecessor. Here’s what she had to say about the news on her Twitter account

”I start performing in Vegas Dec 3rd through March 10th.. Now you can see me up close & personal & I'll get to meet my fans in real life!!”

Austin has long been very open about flaunting her body. She regularly sends out scandalous pictures to her followers on Twitter for free; so, really, this exciting, glitzy tease-fest seems like an absolute home run. There’s no word yet on how long the partnership might last, but more than likely, that will depend on ticket sales more than anything else. Fingers crossed it's a hit.

Mack Rawden
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