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More details are starting to emerge surrounding Dallas Cowboy Dez Bryant’s recent arrest, and the specifics are pretty uncomfortable and sad. When the wide receiver was first busted, it was only being called a “family situation”. Now, it would more accurately be described as a “mom situation”.

According to TMZ, Bryant and his mother got into some kind of argument at her residence on July 14. When she asked him to leave, he allegedly made things physical, hitting her in the face with his hat and pulling at her shirt so hard it ripped her bra strap. In a 911 phone call, the woman allegedly said she couldn’t “let (her son) keep doing (her) like this”, which would seem to point to a long history of incidents.

The football player was eventually charged with a misdemeanor. Rather than release a statement claiming his client was innocent, Bryant’s attorney said he was planning to investigate the situation and get all the facts in an attempt to bring the entire family back together. It sounds like everyone involved needs to have a long talk. Here’s to hoping they can all find some common ground before a judge rules on the matter.

Bryant was drafted in 2010 during the first round by the Cowboys. In his two years, he has scored seventeen touchdowns and caught one hundred and eight passes. He’s widely considered to be an important piece in his team’s future.

We’ll keep you updated as the case progresses.

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