Crosby Stills Nash And Young Are Releasing A Live Album From 1974 Tour

Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young went on an epic tour in 1974, just a couple of years after going on a brief hiatus in the early seventies to produce solo work, including Young’s chart-topping Harvest. During the tour, the band recorded eight or nine of the big gigs via multitracking. Recently, they went through the old recordings to come up with the best stuff, which the band is putting together for a new live album. Fans will have a while but not too long to wait for the endeavor—the album will hit shelves on August 27.

Still, the band hasn’t quite inked out all of the details. According to an interview with Rolling Stone, the group has been in talks to come up with an album name for a while but haven’t quite worked out what to call it. Group member David Crosby says he’s pushing hard for What Could Possibly Go Wrong?.

"I want to call it What Could Possibly Go Wrong? I'm going to dig my heels and seriously fight for that. You can't hear that without laughing your head off. It's important to look at yourselves with a sense of humor in retrospect and realize what gigantic egos we had and what idiots we were. But I think it's a great title. If I don't get it, I'll threaten to quit the band – at which point I'll be reminded that there's no band to quit!"

The group may be joking around about the upcoming live album, but it’s actually kind of a big deal. The music, coming from a tour that was jokingly called “The Doom Tour” thanks to drug problems and shaky relationships after the hiatus, has been sitting on shelves collecting dust for a long time. Sure, putting out an album at this point is a not-so-subtle way of collecting off a past success, but member Graham Nash wants to remind fans how good the group sounded back in the day.

We've had to do a little tuning, but not that much . . . But the spirit of the band! If I take myself out the band and look at it, it was a fuckin' great band."

In a perfect world, the band would also tour, but that doesn’t seem to be happening (presumably thanks to Neil Young). While a potential tour seems unlikely, this album is definitely a go, and we’ll keep you posted as new details spring up.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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