A little less than a year ago, Crystal Harris unceremoniously broke it off with Hugh Hefner right before their wedding. The Playboy founder took the news like a champ, let her auction off the engagement ring and generally played nice in the press. She, however, did not. The former bunny said plenty of negative things publically and pretended as if she was never super down with him. Apparently, she’s changed her tune.

According to Radar Online, Harris moved back into the mansion earlier this week. It’s unclear whether that means a wedding might once again be in the cards, but her arrival was supposedly met by Hef’s angry girlfriend Shera Berchard moving out. That would seem to be a sign of a serious reinvigorated romance, but I suppose we shall see. Anonymous sources are claiming Harris had to beg Hef for the keys back, but given what transpired before, it seems like begging was warranted.

I have no idea what either of these people see in each other, but I suppose that’s what makes the world go round. So, Cinema Blend sends out a tepid congratulation to Hef and Harris as they begin spending more time together again. The last attempt may not have ended so well, but that doesn’t necessarily mean this try will end the same way. We’ll keep you updated if any event planners are booked.

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