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Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code celebrates its 10th anniversary today. The novel, which went on to become a NY Times best-seller and receive the movie treatment with Tom Hanks playing the lead role, was published a decade ago, and to celebrate (and promote Brown's upcoming novel), Doubleday's offering the ebook for free. The book includes the prologue to Inferno, Brown's latest novel.

The Da Vinci Code centers on Harvard professor Robert Langdon, a man enlisted by the police to help with a murder investigation at the Louvre in Paris. This leads him into the heart of a cryptic puzzle involving a secret ancient society once headed by Leonardo Da Vinci. The promotion was mentioned on Dan Brown's website, offering U.S. and Canadian e-book readers the opportunity to get The Da Vinci Code available for free for a limited time only (March 17-24). The ebook includes the prologue to Inferno, Brown's upcoming novel, which puts Robert Langdon back in action and up for a new mystery.

The new book hits shelves May 14, and what better way to get prepared for it than by revisiting (or finally reading) the book that made the character popular? Technically, Langdon was introduced in Brown's Angels & Demons, but it was The Da Vinci Code that really took off and earned major attention to Brown's fictional Harvard University professor character.

Among the ways to obtain a free copy of The Da Vinci Code:

Amazon Kindle
Barnes & Noble
Books A Million
Kobo Books

The site also lists iTunes among the carriers featuring the promotion, however right now the Apple store still lists the book at $9.99 so proceed with caution there. It might be a good idea to hold off and wait to see if the site updates the price before "purchasing." (Update: It's showing up as free now!)

If you're only looking for the prologue, or you're outside North America and ineligible for the eBooks, Brown has the prologue for Inferno available via PDF here.