Daryl Hannah Arrested After Tying Herself To White House Gates

Daryl Hannah has been an active vegan and environmental activist for years, even getting arrested during the 2011 protest against the Keystone XL oil pipeline. The actress was willing—and was—cuffed once more on Wednesday to fight against the possibility of a pipeline running from Canada to Texas.

Today, a group of advocates launched a protest in front of the White House gates to once more bring up the oil pipeline and what they feel is a bad deal for U.S. citizens, meant to line the pockets of businessmen and do little else but harm the environment and those living close to the pipeline. On the opposite side of the argument, the pipeline will bring in jobs, oh yeah, and oil.

The protest actually provided vivid imagery: all of the protesters used zip ties to attach themselves to the White House gates. According to Politico, the motley crew of protestors included professional activists, celebrities, farmers and Native Americans who currently live along the pipeline route.

Attaching oneself to the White House gates might prove to be a moment for the protestors to remember, but it’s also worth remembering that you can’t fuck with the White House, and the police were called in. Forty-eight protestors were eventually arrested, including Hannah and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Still, the arrests won’t stop any upcoming protests. An additional Keystone XL oil pipeline protest is scheduled for President’s Day weekend, when activists will march from the Washington Monument to the White House. We’ll keep you posted on whether Obama eventually addresses the pipeline issue, or whether these clowns will keep racking up mounds of paperwork with the police department.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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