Dave Legeno, best known for his time as a mixed martial arts fighter and for appearing as an actor in several beloved movies, was found dead this week in Death Valley, California. A full investigation has been launched to figure out what happened to the fifty-year-old, but based on early evidence, foul play is not suspected.

According to TMZ, two hikers were exploring a remote part of Death Valley when they noticed Legeno’s body. Because of how far it was from any nearby outposts, authorities decided to send in a helicopter to retrieve it and drop it off at the coroner’s office. It’ll take weeks or perhaps even months to figure out exactly what happened with any degree of certainty, but authorities reportedly suspect temperatures well over a hundred played a key role in his passing.

Dave Legeno was in Snatch, but to most movie fans, he’s best remembered as the vicious werewolf Fenrir Greyback in the Harry Potter franchise.

Prior to acting, Legeno was a professional fighter who amassed a winning record over seven appearances in major promotions. That real-life toughness got him noticed by movie producers who found it easy to use him as muscle. Given more time, he could have accomplished more in Hollywood, but sadly, that’s now off the table.

Pop Blend’s sincerest thoughts go out to Legeno’s entire family during this sad time of need. He will be missed.

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