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David Beckham is pretty comfortable with his body. Over the years, he has modeled and worked in commercials as a handsome dude with a great smile who is often absent a shirt. Now that his boys are getting older, he hopes they are coming to appreciate their famous parents the career choices each has made.

If you have seen the latest Beckham ad for H&M, you have seen the type of shirtless advertisement I previously referred to. If you haven’t, it's truly one of the most ridiculous things I have ever seen an athlete do, maybe second to Sean Avery’s Gap advertisement where he stares off with pent up frustration into the distance.

Although Beckham does admit his boys, twelve year-old Brooklyn, eight year-old Romeo, and six year-old Cruz did give him “a little bit of flack” for the H&M ad, the L.A. Galaxy player also told US Weekly, his kids have learned to appreciate all that their father has worked for.
"They're very proud of it. There's daddy in underpants on big billboards."

I guess it would be pretty cool for a kid to have his dad on all kinds of billboards, but while Beckham might appreciate the support from his kids, I doubt he will have the same feelings if his 7 month-old daughter gets into the same type of modeling 17 years from now.

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