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Debbie Rowe Might Sue For Custody Of Michael Jackson's Children

If you want to know why Michael Jackson was such a strange guy during his life, you can probably look to the behavior of his family since his death. From bizarre kidnapping allegations to missing person scandals to almost incessant fights over money, it’s been a complete and utter shitshow, and let the record show, it’s not getting any better. In fact, the next few months might be the ugliest yet if Jackson’s ex-wife Debbie Rowe winds up suing for a guardianship over the children, which is looking more and more like a real possibility.

According to TMZ, Rowe is allegedly very unhappy with the environment the Jackson children are being raised in. She reportedly thinks Katherine is too old to properly look after the kids, and while she likes TJ, she reportedly is concerned about all the time he spends away from the house, both with his own family and while on the road touring.

The two older Jackson children are Rowe’s biologically. She’s had an extensive relationship with Paris over the past few years, but her contact with Prince (who is hers) and Blanket (who is not) is reportedly more limited. Still, she reportedly would like to spend much more time looking after all three of the children because she allegedly thinks they need someone to actually parent and discipline them.

TJ and Katherine are reportedly paid very handsomely by Michael Jackson’s estate to look after the children. If Rowe were to do the same thing, she assumedly would see some of that money, but those close to the situation are reportedly saying she’s never mentioned money nor made any kind of play to be paid. From the outside, that makes her motives seem a little more pure, but we will never know exactly what’s going through everyone’s heads. Obviously.

Since none of the paperwork is filed, no one involved has reacted publicly to the current custody arrangement or a potential alteration. If Rowe does end up filing for guardianship, we will let you know as soon as that information become available. Until then, I think I speak for everyone when I say let’s hope whatever happens is in the children’s best interests.

Mack Rawden
Mack Rawden

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