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Debbie Rowe Reportedly Thinks Paris Should Stay With Her Siblings

Since Paris Jackson’s traumatic hospitalization, there has been plenty of talk about whether the fifteen-year-old should go live with her biological mother Debbie Rowe. The two women have reportedly fostered a pretty close mother-daughter relationship with the former actually disciplining the latter and offering her life advice. As such, many observers have even openly wondered whether mom’s house was the best place for her to be right now, but apparently, Debbie doesn’t agree with that assessment.

According to TMZ, Debbie thinks both current guardians Katherine and TJ have Paris’ best interests at heart, and she doesn’t see how splitting the girl up from her two siblings could possibly be in anyone’s best interest. Consequently, she’s reportedly hoping her daughter will make it work inside Katherine’s house, and she can continue to provide a loving and supportive role.

If Debbie were to become Paris’ legal guardian, she would likely be paid more than ten thousand dollars a month by Michael Jackson’s trust in order to do so, but she’s given no indication that she’s interested in that money at all. Instead, she seems to just want to help out in anyway she can, which is novel and makes some members of the Jackson family’s apparent opposition all the more strange.

Since Michael’s death, Paris and her siblings have dealt with a whole lot of drama from the extended family. From alleged kidnapping plots to challenges to the late singer’s will, the drama has been almost incessant. Luckily, TJ, Katherine and Debbie all seem to be on the same page right now as far as all remaining a part of Paris’ life. Here’s to hoping that good will continues over the long haul, or at least until she leaves for college.

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