Diana Nyad figured she’d need to swim for about sixty hours to make it from Cuba to Key West. The sixty-two-year-old endurance athlete wound up staying in the water that long, but unfortunately, thanks to more difficult than expected conditions, that sixty hours only wound up getting her about halfway. Exhausted and battling the elements, Nyad decided to throw in the towel this morning.

Like in her three prior attempts, jellyfish stings played a role in the downfall. According to CNN, Nyad was stung on the lips and face, causing severe swelling overnight. A treacherous lightning storm also made the conditions extremely unsafe in the water. All things considered, it seemed like the right move to everyone involved to pull the plug.

Nyad conceived the trip more than five decades ago while on a family trip to Cuba. She first gave it a go in 1978 and tried again twice last year. Her career successes have included becoming the first woman to swim around the island of Manhattan and the first to swim from the Bahamas to Florida; so, whether she ever completes this difficult Cuba to Key West swim or not, she can grow old knowing she had some great moments.

We’ll keep you updated if Nyad announces she’s going to try again or picks a different goal for her next swim.

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