Did You Know These Celebrities Were Missing Limbs?

I will be the first person to whip out random celebrity trivia at a party. You never know what random factoid will end up giving you the win in a board game. As far as I'm concerned, there's no such thing as too much useless knowledge. One of my favorite YouTube channels that specializes in oddball facts has made a video that just might help me with my next game night.

Another great video from Mental Floss talks about some figures in celebdom and history who were missing body parts. The host for this video isn't usual funnyman and author John Greene, but Josh Sundquist, an inspirational speaker who only has one leg. Sundquist is a really nice guy that I met a few years ago at a speaking event, so I was excited to see him hosting in honor of Amputee Awareness month.

Sundquist talks about people who have lost limbs or appendages due to various circumstances. Aaron Ralston is a personal hero of mine for being incredibly tough and unafraid. He cut off his arm with a dull pocket knife when he got trapped under a rock for 127 hours. Another personal hero, the great actor James Doohan, who portrayed Scotty on Star Trek, lost a finger during the D-Day invasion. Both of these guys are incredibly awesome and deserve at least a few pats on the back for being so brave.

Sundquist also talks about three dudes who lost my favorite and most important finger for expressing oneself, the middle finger. Rahm Emanuel, current Chicago mayor, had an unfortunate date with an Arby's roast beef slicer, losing that ever important digit. Much more badass Jesse James lost his middle finger while cleaning his gun. Friends actor Matthew Perry lost his due to a door slamming incident. I don't think I could get through a day of Windy City driving without mine.

Mental Floss makes tons of videos that will help you learn just about anything in a super fun format. You can learn everything from how alcoholic drinks got their names to what a bunch of acronyms mean. Check out one of my favorite Mental Floss videos below that tells you about the origin of 40 strange words. Use all these new facts you learn to wow your friends and look incredibly smart.